Jeff Salazar


Jeff Salazar has lived in the Phoenix area since 2007. Originally from New Mexico, the Southwest is a huge part of who he is, and he takes pride in our community and the rich culture that we are surrounded with. From New Mexico, his family moved to Northern Arizona where he stayed before joining the Navy. While he explored new cities and countries in the armed forces, he gained valuable skills that aid him in his work today. Self-motivated and highly organized, Jeff possess’ the drive one needs to manage a real estate transaction from start to finish. Additionally, his excellent communication skills attained through high intensity training as a military police officer and having a high regard for making and maintaining long lasting relationships, Jeff holds all of the keys to being a high performing agent.


After the military, Jeff worked as a Business Development Representative for Chase Paymentech. He was at Chase Paymentech, a division of J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, for four years. His last two years there were spent as a Product Sales Specialist for Government and Non-Profit accounts. In this role, he developed dozens of relationships with business bankers and their Government and Non-Profit clients. These roles have again aided Jeff in his workmanship and relationship building skills, and molded him into being the high performer that he is today. 


Jeff’s real estate career has been a rapid success. Developing relationships with buyers, sellers and investors has allowed him to fine-tune his previously acquired skill sets and apply them to many facets of real estate. That includes buying and selling residential real estate, finding, acquiring and reselling residential flip opportunities, and even working on multi-million-dollar development transactions.


As a well-rounded and high performing agent, Jeff is here to assist you with your real estate goals!