Most people know that when they go to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ they have room to negotiate. They know to ask for a lower price on the house for repairs that need doing, or because another house has something better to offer than the current one. Few people realize just how much you can negotiate for when purchasing a home though. When you go to buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ and surrounding areas, there are countless things to negotiate for. We’re going to cover some of the most popular 24 negotiation items that you can cover when you make your home purchase. Use these bargaining points to help you get the best possible deal, and to make sure you end up with a property that you truly love as well.

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Closing Time

There’s always room to negotiate about the closing time when you look to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ. This can be a key tool to get a seller to sell to you if you can close faster. Make sure you only offer a fast close if you can manage it, but it’s a tool that will help you buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ and surrounding areas more easily.

The Appliances

It’s important to talk about the appliances when you go to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ. They may or may not be included. Make sure you know what comes with the home. If you want something else, just ask for it and see what the seller will do. You can often get things like the washer and dryer included with the sale for a small change in price. Always ask about the different appliances, and make up a list of the items that you want so you know what to negotiate for.

Inspection Time Frame

Most sellers and their home to sell as fast as possible. They don’t want people who buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ to take forever to complete an inspection. Make sure you bring up a timeframe for inspections and that you have enough time to work with. If you try and rush the timeframe to satisfy a seller, you could end up getting a subpar inspection performed and a house that you don’t know well enough to purchase with confidence.

The Furniture

Most of the time furniture is not included in the sale of a home, that doesn’t have to be the case though. If you see furniture that you love while touring the home, ask for it to be included in the deal. You can often buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ furniture and all. You just have to be willing to ask for what you like. Who knows, some sellers might be happy to throw the items in.


It doesn’t matter that you want to look at used houses to buy in Chandler, AZ, you can still get a warranty with them. Consider asking the seller for a warranty on systems like the furnace, hot water heater, and appliances throughout the home at the time of purchase. This warranty would mean that if something happens to them, the seller would need to pay to replace them. It’s important to do this if you don’t have the cash to make repairs during the first year or two of living in your new home. This isn’t something that most sellers will offer, but with the right contract, you can make sure you are covered when you move in.

Closing Costs

Many first time buyers looking to buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ aren’t expecting closing costs when they go to finish up a deal. This can be surprising and scary at the same time. This is something you can negotiate as well, especially in busy markets like Scottsdale. Bring up the closing costs and see if the seller will pay for them.


Many houses to buy in Chandler, AZ would be highly desirable if they had some repairs performed on them. If you want a house, but don’t want to trouble yourself with repairs, try and work out a deal with the seller to take care of those things. They can handle repairs for you so that you can move into a space that’s ready to go.

A Leaseback Agreement

Some sellers aren’t ready to move out when you want to buy. When you go to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ a leaseback agreement can help you close deals faster and more easily. These agreements essentially give the owner permission to keep living in the space for an agreed upon amount of time after you close on the house. You’ll need a formal agreement for this to work out okay, but it can be a major bargaining chip for you to use.

Inspection Contingencies

Adding contingencies in when you go to buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ is a good way to protect yourself when rushing through a sale. They essentially say that you will guarantee to buy a house as long as it meets your list of requirements. For instance, you could make an offer with contingencies for a foundation and septic system inspection. From there you can have your inspections performed and if they fail you are not liable to go through with the deal any longer.

Repair Allowances

If there’s something about the home that you don’t like, and the current homeowner isn’t interested in making any repairs, you can still do something about it. Work out repair allowances in your home purchase negotiations. Try to factor in costs for new floors, counters, cabinets, appliances or whatever when deciding on a purchase price.

Setting Aside Cash for Repairs

If you don’t want to have to take out a home improvement loan, and you don’t have cash laying around for repairs, you can ask the homeowner to set aside money or to purchase supplies for repairs before you make a purchase. This gives you the supplies that you need to do the repairs yourself, and you don’t have to factor them into your home’s purchase price. This is a good way to go when shopping for houses to buy in Chandler, AZ when you don’t have a lot of added money to work with.

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Remodeling Project

You can even negotiate an entire remodeling project if there is some part of the home you really hate. Just make sure you work out all the details of the project because you will be required to make the purchase after it’s complete.

Finished Basement

When looking to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ, you may really want a finished basement. This is understandable. Maybe you need the space for the rest of your family to live comfortably. You can add in requirements for the basement to be finished before you will purchase and move into the home. There are plenty of houses to buy in Chandler, AZ, but you might want this condition met before you buy any of them.Points

It’s possible to lower the interest that you pay on loans when closing on houses to buy in Chandler, AZ. One point is equivalent to 1% of the loan value, and around every 8 points will drop the loan’s interest rate by 1%. You can negotiate with the seller to get them to pay points toward your loan to save you money off the final purchase.

Condo or Coop Assessments

If you’re looking to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ that are actually condos or coops, then you’ll be expected to cover costs for maintaining common areas of the space along with all the other owners in the area. When the seller moves out he or she will likely have leftover assessments that haven’t been covered. It’s important to negotiate these to make sure they are as small as possible when you move in so you don’t get stuck with a big bill you weren’t expecting.

Cost for Appliance Replacement

When looking to buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ that have older appliances, it’s important to negotiate the cost of replacement appliances when trying to complete the purchase. Either work that replacement into the total home value offer that you make or talk about appliance replacement specifically when making an offer to try to get the price dropped down some.

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Replacing Appliances

If you don’t want to take money out of your home loan to replace appliances or pay cash for them, you can always have the owner pay to replace appliances ahead of time. When you buy homes in Phoenix, AZ it’s possible to request appliances get replaced, but then you won’t have a say in what ones are purchased if you go this route.

Paint and Wall Refinishing

If you’re not the hands-on type you could negotiate for the owner to fix up any holes in walls and to even repaint the walls to a different color before you complete the purchase of the space. This may seem like a tedious thing to ask for, but when you want to buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ it’s important to work out any negotiations that you can to save on costs.

Added Closing Costs

It’s possible to ask the seller to include additional closing costs on top of what’s needed for the home deal. If you have debts you want to take care of, or just want to make sure you have some pocket cash in case something needs repaired, ask for added closing costs during the deal.


While it might seem ludicrous, it’s possible to ask for things like boats and jet skis to be included with a property when buying something like a lakefront house. Look around at the items on the site and don’t be afraid to ask for some extras if you see something you really like.

Yard Equipment

If you want to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ with decent sized yards, you’ll want equipment to maintain those spaces. It’s possible to get the lawn equipment included with the sale of the home if you can work out the deal properly.

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Removal of Possessions

Some homes come with junk that you don’t want. It’s important to find out what comes with the spaces when looking at houses to buy in Chandler, AZ. Find out about any property you do not want, and request that it be removed before you make the purchase.

Siding or Roof Replacement

If you notice leaks or the roof or siding appears to be in poor condition, try and work out a deal to lower the cost of the home or have the repairs performed before you complete the purchase.

Mold Testing

If you notice a mold smell, or you see signs of water damage, make sure that the deal requires mold testing to be completed before it can go through. This is vitally important to avoid buying a tainted home that will cost a fortune to fix up.

mold testing

Pest Inspection

If you notice signs of pests, especially something damaging like termites, make sure that you get an inspection included as a condition of a home purchase. It’s not worth it to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ that have termites and are falling down because you weren’t careful.

Hopefully, with all of these different items in mind, you can negotiate an excellent deal when you buy homes in Phoenix, AZ. It’s a lot of work to purchase a home, but when you know how to negotiate properly and you take the time to do so, you can save a whole lot of cash off the final purchase price. It might seem like you’re being nitpicky when you ask for things that are important to you during a house purchase, but it’s worth the added work and the seller labeling you as a difficult buyer. Just make sure that you act quickly and that you ask for only the things that are really important to you.



Doing so will help you get the most out of property deals, and before you know it you’ll be closing on homes for prices that you wouldn’t have expected. Don’t sell yourself short during negotiations, and don’t be afraid to ask for something crazy like the seller’s boat during the purchase. You never know, you just might get it!