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April 23, 2018

[20 Pro Tips] For Staging Your Home For Sale This Year

When it comes time to sell your home, interior staging can truly make or break a potential sale. In order to get a buyer to fall in love with the house, they need to be able to picture themselves actually living in the home. Statistically speaking, homes that are staged in comparison to homes that are being shown empty, sell more quickly and with a better offer.

You may be asking, “Where do I start?” “That doesn’t seem too hard. Just get a bunch of furniture and throw it in there.”

While staging a home may seem easy, there is a balance that needs to be met and a method of doing it the most effective way. If you’re selling your home in Phoenix, Gilbert, or any other part of Maricopa County, following the tips below will help you stage your home for sale this year.

selling your home in Phoenix

Here are 20 pro tips for staging your home:

Stain outdated cabinets, don’t replace them

Save money by simply staining the old cabinets instead of replacing them entirely. The kitchen is one of the most important things that a buyer looks at when considering whether or not to purchase your home and cabinets can be a big turnoff. You’ll also want to add new hardware once the stain is fresh and new. Following the trend of what buyers are looking for will be the best way to make a decision on what type of stain and hardware you choose.

Granite countertops

While granite countertops are an expensive addition to any home, if you add this feature before selling, you will certainly see the return on your investment. Granite countertops are a huge selling feature that makes the staging process really stand out. One way to keep the project slightly less expensive is by requesting remnants of prior projects from the vendor you choose to go with. Give your home this look of luxury before putting it on the market to ensure a quicker and higher offer.

Dress the windows

Window treatments are a must when it comes to staging a home. It makes the room look more put together and can add a nice color pop. If you don’t want to spend the money on new dressing, simply follow the pro tip of using a few placemats and hanging them along the curtain line. Doing this will give the home a nice accent.

Up the curb appeal

We’ve all seen the HGTV specials on making the outside of your home look beautiful to attract potential buyers. In staging a home, this is key and those exterior touches truly count. Color is a great way to up the curb appeal on your staged home. Having two tones of paint and a faux finish on the corner keystones give it a great look. Use a stone sealer on walkways pavers and plant flowers. Once you do these three things, you’ll begin stopping traffic in no time.

20 Pro Tips For Staging Your Home For Sale This Year

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Clean the bathroom walls really well

The unappealing look of a poorly cleaned bathroom can turn off potential buyers. When staging a home, it’s important to get rid of any residue or surface mold that may be present. Using bleach mixed with water will help you achieve the perfect look and give your bathroom a super clean look and feel. Be sure to give the walls a new coat of paint as well. Think about what you would want the bathroom to look like in a home you’re considering to buy and go from there.

Remove dated bathroom tile

You don’t want outdated bathroom tile to be the reason you lose a buyer. When staging, remove any old, outdated tile and replace it. If it seems too expensive to replace with new tile for staging, simply use paint over the existing tiles instead. Using a high-adhesion primer and a special ceramic epoxy covering, you won’t even be able to tell the outdated tiles were ever even there. This is a great trick that will save you a good chunk of money with everything else you need to do to prep your home for a sale.

New kitchen appliances

New kitchen appliances are key to a perfect staging job. It’s important to remove any old, outdated appliances and give everything in the kitchen a fresh new look. New appliances give your buyers the trust and feeling that they’re not going to have to be replacing the appliances any time soon. This makes buyers more likely to make an offer than they would if the appliances look old.

The stainless steel trick

Instead of completely replacing appliances that look good, but aren’t the ever-popular stainless steel, you can resurface. Let’s use a dishwasher as an example. You simply remove the panels, clean them off, and apply a stainless-steel stick on covering. Spend a lot less money and still achieve that great, stainless-steel look. Your potential buyers will be amazed at the trick!

Stage your built-in bookshelf right

If you have a built-in bookshelf, your buyer will love it. It’s important to stage these correctly, meaning that cluttering them would be doing you a disservice. Staging pros arrange these with neutral items and in clusters as opposed to spacing each item out one by one. You don’t want any particular item to stand out from the rest to be sure that you’re showcasing the bookshelf and not the items on it.

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Remove the clutter

Get rid of any clutter or personal items that are laying out for potential buyers to see. They don’t want to be looking at all of your belongings because they want to be able to picture theirs in the space. Keeping the items in the room as simple as possible, but not too sparse, is key to a staging well done. This includes painting the room a very neutral color as opposed to one that pops and makes the room feel overpowering.

Let in the sunshine

When showing the home, be sure to keep it light, bright, and airy as opposed to dark and dingy. Open the shades and use light colored paints paired with good artificial lighting as well. Lamps and light-colored furniture is helpful for this as well. Homes that have a brighter look and feel are more likely to secure an offer than those that feel closed off and dark.

Get rid of odors

Nothing is worse than walking into a home you’re considering to purchase and some potent odor creeps into your senses. Whether it’s pet odor or something else, it’s important to do everything you can to clear these smells out. That may mean replacing the carpet with a new, neutral carpet. You may want to replace the carpet regardless of any odors anyways. A sense of cleanliness throughout the entire home is necessary for the sale.  

Clean out the closets

Show off more storage space in the closets by clearing them of clutter. Potential buyers love seeing that your home has plenty of room for all of their things. If the closets and shelves are full of your items, they aren’t going to get that same impression and it may break the sale. This includes any drawers and cleaning off counter space too. Once you do this, you’ll notice that space really opens up.

property for sale in Scottsdale Az

Style the coffee table

Give your home an well interior designed feel by playing up those areas of the home that could use some playing up. A coffee table is a great way to do this and gives it the perfect look of being lived in. Have one centerpiece item like a ceramic or a bowl filled with something, then add books, candles, pottery, or other small items. This is where you can get Fixer Upper or HGTV status in your decor choices.

Highlight the special part of the home

Whatever it is that makes your home special, be sure to highlight that feature with staging. This could be a great dining room with a beautiful painting, a large window with white, bright curtains or any other part of the home that you feel stands out from the rest. You want to draw the buyers to these areas and show them why your home is worth making an offer on. They don’t want to live without that feature in their life any longer!

Add a bedroom seating area to the master

By adding a small seating area with a lounge chair or two single chairs and a small table, you can give off the impression that the master bedroom has a lot of space. Be sure to space this section out from the bed so that it doesn’t feel over-cluttered and doesn’t make sense. If you don’t have the room for it and your master bedroom is smaller, then skip this tip. If you’re able to swing it, this is a feature of any home that a buyer tends to get really excited about.

Create a good flow

Homes that have a good flow are more appealing to buyers than those that feel jumbled and confusing. You can simply replace a square or rectangular table with a round one to give it a feeling of cohesiveness. You will add opened up space by getting rid of those corner elements and give it a better, flowing feel. Giving the home plenty of room to walk and maneuver is also important to think about when staging. Visualize how potential buyers are going to walk throughout the home when they come to view it.

houses for sale in Gilbert Arizona

Fill any holes

Be sure to fill in any holes in the walls or hardware holes that you don’t want your potential buyers to see. You want to make them feel like the walls are brand new and that they won’t need to do any repair work. Filling these in and then going over the walls with a fresh coat of paint is a great tip for getting a quicker deal.

Appeal to both male and female buyers

It’s key to choose colors, furniture, and decor that is going to be appealing to both male and female buyers. Having a room that is too feminine or masculine may turn offers away because they won’t be able to picture themselves in that space. If you use neutral colors and choose furniture that doesn’t lean too far to one end of the spectrum, you’ll be catering to buyers of all types and you’ll be more likely to close a deal sooner rather than later.

Revamp the old fireplace

If you are dealing with a large, old fireplace, turn it into a fresh selling feature. Replace the fireplace screen and give the whole thing a super detailed cleaning. Use a color enhancer to polish the exterior to give it a good shine. If it stands out too much, you can use a color of paint that matches the walls if you want it to blend in better with the room. A fireplace can be a beautiful addition to a home as long as it’s one that looks nice with the rest of the room.

condos for sale in Tempe Az

The staging conclusion

While selling a home can be scary and anxiety-ridden, especially when you need to close a deal as fast as possible, it doesn’t need to be when you have an expert team on your side, leading the way. By letting your realtor have a say in the way that your home is staged to attract buyers, you can ensure that you’ll have an offer more quickly than if you did nothing to get your home ready for the sale. The well-seasoned AZ Deal Hunters understands and respects the needs of each individual home buyer.

If you’re considering selling your home or condo in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, or Tempe, Arizona, AZ Deal Hunters can help you. If you need assistance in selling a condo or house in Arizona, call 480-432-7049 them today!

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April 18, 2018

[20 Benefits] of Using a Realtor to Buy a Home

Are you looking for the next place to call home? Maybe it’s even your first home purchase. Let’s face it when it comes to shopping for a new place, choosing the right house or condo is one of the biggest decisions you can make in your daily life. If you’re living in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Mesa, AZ, there are a number of great options to look at buying, but where do you start?

Buy homes in phoenix az

There are so many questions to be answered and so many things to consider when you’re deciding on which type of home to get. From the square footage to the location to the potential appreciation, the convenience, the amenities, the school district, and more. Maybe a condo makes the most sense for you, or maybe you need more than that. It’s important to consider all factors and options before making a decision. A realtor can help make the process a lot easier.

Here are 20 benefits to using a realtor for your next home purchase

They are educated and experienced

Probably the top reason that realtors are important when it comes to picking and making an offer on your new home is that they have the education and experience with buyers just like you. You won’t need to brush up on all of the ins and outs of real estate if you have an agent on your side. Save yourself the time, the energy, and the hassle by having someone who can work through all of the details, find homes to show you, and help with all of the paperwork in both the sale of your home and the purchase of the next one.

They act as a buffer

If you’re buying a new home, your realtor will know exactly what tricks of the trade to look out for when it comes to builders or other people’s agents. They will be able to take all of the phone traffic, coordinate, and sort through what’s good and what’s bad when it comes to different showings, offers, or other things that may come up throughout the process. If you’re going it alone, you are going to have to be the one that deals with all of these things and you may be unhappy with the outcome.

They know the neighborhoods

Most of the time, realtors know anything and everything when it comes to the neighborhoods you’re looking at purchasing a home in. If they aren’t so familiar, they have the tools and know just where to find everything that they need to know. They will look at things like comparable sales, crime, demographics, schools, and more. These are all super important considerations that you’re going to want accurate information on. Realtors can use their sleuthing skills to dig everything up while you sit and wait for the information to be presented. Better yet, they will steer you away from poor decisions based on your needs.

houses for sale in Gilbert Arizona

They network like crazy

A realtor’s second job is networking because that’s how they get a lot of their new business. They’re constantly meeting new people in the industry and can give you a great list of references for the different services you may need in order to buy your next home or sell your old one. Realtors know so many people in every type of work.

They know the market conditions

Realtors disclose market conditions that affect the buying and selling of homes like yours. This includes things like cost per square foot, average sale prices, days on the market, and listing to the selling price. Having all of this information will dictate all of your next steps whether you're buying a new home or selling your current one.

They take on the paperwork

Between the purchase agreements, the federally mandated disclosures, the state-mandated disclosures, and more, your realtor will handle all of this for you. These forms need to be filled out correctly and with every last detail omitted. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines that you definitely don’t want to deal with when you’re in the process of making such a huge investment or sale. Dealing with the courts can be avoided by having a realtor that is experienced and knows how to handle and process all of the proper paperwork in a timely and accurate manner.

Their goal is to make you happy

Because realtors rely so heavily on networking and their business relationships, a lot of their business comes from referrals. They want to keep you as happy as possible and make the process as smooth as possible so that you will pass their business along to everyone that you know. Knowing this, you’re unlikely to have a bad experience with an experienced and trusted realtor on your team.

They can answer all of your questions

Even after the purchase or sale of your home, you may have questions that come up regarding closing, tax, and more. A good realtor will be open and available to assist you no matter the need after you’ve worked with them through the whole process. Again, they rely on those continued and strengthened relationships that they build with their happy customers along the way.

realtors in Phoenix Arizona

They guide you on the price

Realtors know the market exceptionally well, so they can steer you in the right direction on how to list your home and also what offer is going to stick when it comes to buying a new home. This will help your property sell even quicker and help you to scoop up prime real estate elsewhere. You don’t want your home to sit on the market for too long and having a realtor can ensure that you won’t run into that problem.

They can advise on financing options

If you’re in need of doing any repair work on the old or new home, they can help you in seeking out the best financing options for your situation. This is super helpful when you’re new to the whole process and don’t really know which way to turn.

They know marketing

Realtors have good marketing knowledge and know what to do when it comes to selling your home so that you can live happily in your new one. From setting your listing apart from others with good photography, great promotional material, creative ways of exposing your listing online, and more. With the use of digital media becoming so prevalent in the search of new homes, a realtor can help your listing be seen in the sea of all of the others.

property for sale in Scottsdale Az

Multiple listing services

Working with a realtor allows you access to the MLS which helps to increase the visibility of your home. It also provides the realtor with an even larger variety of new homes that might be perfect for you to purchase. If you’re not working with a realtor, you won’t be able to utilize the MLS in your search or sale at all.

[20 Benefits] of Using a Realtor to Buy a Home

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They can spot potential issues

An experienced realtor can spot any potential problems in your home or in a new home that you’re considering. If in your home, you will be able to fix the issue before putting it on the market if it’s something that may hold a potential buyer back from making an offer. If it’s in a new home that you’re considering, you may avoid a bigger problem down the road by being aware and looking elsewhere.

They know negotiations

Experienced realtors know how to handle negotiations when it comes to buying a new home. From the initial offer all the way through the closing deal, they will work with you and in your best interest when they’re putting deals on the table. They are emotionally removed from the transaction which makes it easier to make more objective decisions and provide sound advice.

They know the rules

Realtors know all of the rules and regulations that are related to the real estate market and the ones that will and will not affect you. They have a ton of continued education on the new rules so that they are also properly prepared to work in the market and advise you correctly.

You’ll likely sell your home for more

Because realtors work on a commission structure, they are going to want to sell your home for as much as they can. The higher the price that they sell your home for, the higher the payout that they take home will be. You both get a good benefit here.

They’re familiar with zoning codes

If you’re wanting to make changes to the home that you plan on purchasing, it comes in handy to know the zoning ordinances that you’ll be up against. A realtor can advise you on which codes may apply in that specific area and neighborhood, and also on how to go about getting the proper permissions that you need to begin the work. If that addition you’re planning isn’t possible, they will be able to advise you away from the purchase of that home and into a better, more suitable option. Unfortunately, you have to follow city guidelines when it comes to making any large changes to a home and having a realtor telling you what is and isn’t possible can save you a ton of money along the way.

Avoid closing problems

A sale is not final until it’s fully closed. You may think you have secured your dream home only to find that the deal fell through at the last minute. A realtor knows what to look out for before anything like that happens and can advise you correctly. This could be in relation to a title issue, a problem with the lender, or anything else that could pop up at the last minute. Agents are familiar with all kinds of things that could potentially arise when you’re closing on your new home.

Record keeping

Realtors are required to keep files of all documents and transactions made for many years after work with them is done. In case anything comes up along the road, you can contact them for any and all information that you may need to resolve it.

Ethical consideration

Realtors are bound by a code of ethics that requires them to deal with every transaction as honestly as they possibly can or they are faced with large fines. A realtor puts the client’s interest before their own and is to make full disclosure about every detail when it comes to a sale or purchase of a home.

Using a realtor is the right move

Now that we’ve looked at the top 20 benefits, it’s pretty clear that using a trusted realtor with great experience is going to be the best decision you can make when it comes to buying or selling your home. From their education to the time that it will save you, having an expert steer you in the right direction and out of the wrong one will be a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders during an emotionally exciting and exhausting time.

houses to buy in chandler az

While making the final decision can be scary and anxiety-ridden, it doesn’t need to be when you have an expert team on your side, leading the way. By letting your realtor know what all of your needs are, they can best steer you in the right direction to ensure that you’re going to making the best decision for your unique situation. You want to be sure you’re protecting your investment and that you’re going to be happy with your new home purchase. The well-seasoned AZ Deal Hunters understands and respects the needs of each individual home buyer.

If you’re considering buying a condo or a home in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, or Tempe, Arizona, AZ Deal Hunters can help you find the right property that suits your needs. If you need assistance in buying a condo or house in Arizona, call 480-432-7049 them today!

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April 10, 2018

Pros & Cons of Buying a Condo - Is It Worth It? [Guide]

Are you debating on whether or not buying a condo is the right move for you in your next home purchase? Or maybe even your first home purchase. Let’s face it when it comes to shopping for a new place to call home, choosing the right one is one of the biggest decisions you can make in your daily life. If you’re living in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Chandler, AZ, there are a number of great condo options to look at buying.

Buying a Condo In Arizona

There are so many questions to be answered and so many things to consider when you’re deciding on which type of home to get. From the square footage to the location to the potential appreciation, the convenience, the amenities, the school district, and more, it’s important to consider all factors and options before making a decision. If you’re someone who works a lot and isn’t often home, you live alone, and you’re looking for more affordability, you may be asking, “Is a condo the right decision for me?” or “Why should I choose a condo over a house?” These are both great questions that require a deeper look.

Choosing a condo as your new home does have its pros and cons, however, AZ Deal Hunters is here to break everything down for you.

Pros of Buying a Condo

If you’re the type of person that prefers lower maintenance, the convenience of amenities, and affordability, the pros of buying a condo just might win over the cons. Let’s take an in-depth look at what these pros are:

Lower maintenance

Living in a condo frees you from exterior maintenance, as the condominium complex will take care of everything for you. Typically, they manage the landscaping, maintain the grounds, fix any exterior building issues, and are sometimes even around to assist with other needs. It’s helpful to have a professional that can give you a little guidance on some of the interior obstacles you may come across.

The low maintenance option is a great one for those who find themselves working a ton, spend a lot of time traveling, have health issues, or simply just dislike maintenance. If you’re never home, or you’re too tired to do any of the work that needs to be done on your property, living in a condo will solve that for you. It’s also important to consider the cost of the maintenance that you would be spending if you lived in a home. If you’re budget conscious and don’t want to fork out a chunk of money when the irrigation system goes haywire, a condo just might be the right move for you.

Condos for sale in Mesa AZ

Access to Amenities

Another pro to living the condo life is that most condo complexes come with things like a pool, fitness center, a community clubhouse and more. Save money on gym memberships, invite your friends over to watch the big game without needing to prep your home, and lay next to a pool that you don’t need to take care of. All you need to do is walk right outside your door and you’re there.

Having access to convenient amenities will also save you money on gas to drive to other locations, money on memberships, and are just plain helpful. The average homeowner doesn’t have access to amenities like these unless they live in a community with a full community center. Even then, those typically require some sort of membership fee.


Most of the time, condominium complexes in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Chandler are gated and require a security code to enter. Some condos even require a special key for access to all doors within the community or even have a doorman at the front door. Often times, especially at night, you will see a member of the security team walking around to monitor the grounds. If you are living alone or you’re concerned about security, living in a condo with precautionary measures in place might be a great idea.

Another perk is that there will always be tons of people around to assist you if you ever need help in an emergency situation. If there’s a security guard present, that’s an added bonus.

Buying a home In Arizona

More Affordability

Although sometimes this isn’t necessarily the case depending on the condo or home you’re considering, condos are typically a more affordable purchase than buying a home. They are priced lower for a number of reasons and can be a great option for first time home buyers who aren’t quite ready to take the full leap.

In addition to the up-front cost of the condo being more affordable, day to day living is also more affordable in the long run. You won’t need to spend as much money on maintenance, as you won’t need to cover anything on the exterior of your home. Often times with new-build condos, the owner of the complex also warranties certain interior issues that could arise. If the complex comes with amenities, you will also save money on any potential memberships you would otherwise need to hold.

Square Footage

Condos are great for those who are looking to upgrade from the cramped size of an apartment but don’t need or aren’t quite ready for the size of a standard home. If you’re living alone or you have a small family, the typical square footage and layout of is perfect for you. Most of the time, you’ll still have that extra bedroom for any guests that come to town.

Another pro to a lower square footage is that If you don’t have a ton of furniture, you’ll be able to furnish the condo without spending a lot of money on new items all at once.

Cons of Buying a Condo

Now that we’ve looked at the pros of buying a condo as your new home, let’s take a look at what some of the negatives are:

Lack of Privacy

If noise and privacy are a big concern for you, then buying a condo may not be the best option. Living in a condo is essentially an upgraded version of an apartment, except you own it. You will still have neighbors in close proximity which comes with all of their noise and, unfortunately, their guest’s noise as well. If the condos are all joined together, which often times they are, depending on the wall thickness, noise could be an issue.

Having your own lot as a homeowner separates you from the others in your neighborhood and provides a little more peace and quiet. If that’s what you’re looking for, buying a home would be the best answer.

Buying a Condo

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HOA Fees

While living in a condo with great amenities, a maintenance team, security, and more may be great as far as convenience and safety, you will need to pay for them through homeowners association fees. This payment is made on top of the mortgage that you’re already responsible for paying.

The fees can vary and tend to be in the upper $200-300 range depending on the condominium complex that you live in. The good news is that these fees go toward keeping the property safe, properly functioning, and looking beautiful. A lot of standard homes do come with HOA fees as well depending on whether or not they have an HOA in the neighborhood.

Following the Rules

If you live in a condo with management and/or an HOA, you will need to follow the rules they’ve laid out for the community. You may not be able to have that satellite dish for your TV network, or put solar panels on your roof, or have certain things displayed on the exterior of your home. You will need to ask permission those types of things before you do them. If you’re concerned about this and you want to have free reign on what you do with your home, then buying a house may be a better and less stifling option for you.

Delinquency on Fees

If other community members living in your condo complex have stopped paying their fees, everyone else will end up suffering, unfortunately needing to cover the cost. If this is something that just doesn’t jive with you whatsoever and you want to ensure that you remain responsible only for your share of fees, living in a condo may be the wrong move.

Hard to Sell

A majority of people looking to purchase are looking to buy a house instead of a condo. This makes condos slightly difficult to sell in the future. If there are multiple units for sale in your particular complex, selling a house may become even more difficult depending on the exact location and what shape your unit is in. If you’re thinking that you’re not going to keep your condo for an extended period of time, buying a house may be the better decision for you in your search.

Selling a house In Arizona

One option when a condo becomes difficult to sell is to rent it out. A lot of renters are looking for more space and aren’t able to or don’t want the commitment to purchase a new place. Be selective with your tenants to ensure that your investment is fully protected.

Appreciation is Slow

Single-family homes appreciate more quickly than condos because, in a condo, you don’t own the land. Owning land is a driver of appreciation, and in a condo, the complex owner owns the land while you simply own the actual living space.

If you’re considering a condo because it’s in a particular area that’s expected to advance over the next few years, it would be an even better decision to purchase a house in order to get the maximum appreciation benefit.

Square Footage

If you’re looking for a decent amount of space or you’re planning on growing your family in the short-term, buying a house would be a better decision vs. buying a condo. While square footage in a condo is typically a good size, you will want the extra room for your family. It will also provide more room for guests when they come into town and you won’t need to worry about a cramped space.

So, What’s the Verdict?

Now that we’ve looked at all of the pros and cons of purchasing a condo as your next home, it really comes down to each particular person and unique needs. If you’re someone that lives alone, or with a roommate or significant other, and you’re looking for low maintenance because you work a lot and want to kick your feet up on the couch when you get home, a condo would be a great move for you. If you’re someone that has a slightly larger family, or you’re looking for a more quiet, independent sort of experience, then a house would be the better decision.

Houses for sale in Gilbert Arizona

For those leaning toward a house purchase, it comes down to whether or not you care about the proximity of people and also the having a management team to listen to. For those leaning toward the condo, you’re probably looking to save money and have access to all of the convenience you can, while you still can.

While making the final decision can be scary and anxiety-ridden, it doesn’t need to be when you have an expert team on your side, leading the way. By letting your realtor know what all of your needs are, they can best steer you in the right direction to ensure that you’re going to making the best decision for your unique situation. You want to be sure you’re protecting your investment and that you’re going to be happy with your new home purchase. The well-seasoned AZ Deal Hunters understands and respects the needs of each individual home buyer.

If you’re considering buying a condo or a home in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, or Tempe, Arizona, AZ Deal Hunters can help you find the right property that suits your needs. If you need assistance in buying a condo or house in Arizona, call 480-432-7049 them today!

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March 22, 2018

How To Buy A House This 2018: [15 Tips To Get An Edge]

Is "property for sale in Scottsdale, AZ" or "homes for sale in Maricopa County,AZ" increasingly being entered into your Google search bar? If you're thinking of buying a house in Arizona, it can be pretty overwhelming. You have to look at plenty of options just to find the right home for you and your family.

With all the various houses available in Arizona, you'll need an efficient system to go through each of them. That's where AZ Deal Hunters and other realtors in Phoenix, Arizona can help you. Here are 15 steps to help you find the best house in the area.

Homes for sale in Maricopa County AZ

Limit Your Expenditures

If you're planning to buy a house, make sure that you don't make large purchases in the past three to six months. You don't want to risk your credit profile. Lenders need to know that you're credible and they need a full paper trail so they can provide you the best viable loan.

Commit to limit your buying habits. Minimize credit use and avoid opening new cards. Sometimes a few point variables can improve your loan approval or give you a better rate.

Know What You Want And Need

It's impossible to buy a house if you're uncertain what you really need. Take the time to list the things that you're searching for in a home. Do you like a large garden, a spacious living room, or a modern kitchen? Will you be bringing pets or planning to have children in your house? Would you like to be close to schools, stores, and parks?

Consider all these questions and list them down. Once you know what you want in a house, it will be easy to look around the area. Don't forget to relay your preference list to your real estate agent so finding your dream house will be easy.

Consult With Experienced Real Estate Agents

Even if you're someone who wants to work things out alone, we tell you the process will be easier if you work with a local real estate agent. An experienced real estate agent knows the different housing options available in your desired location. Contact your local real estate agent and tell them what location you'd want to purchase a house in.

The benefit of hiring a realtor is that it doesn't cost you money for their expert advise. The seller is the one paying the professional charge, while you, the purchaser, just undertakes a moving process without any hassles. The real estate professionals at AZ Deal Hunters can help you find the top houses in the area that suits your needs because they're dedicated to the housing market in the Phoenix regions.

Experienced real estate agent

Check Your Credit Score

Before getting pre-approved by a lender, see your credit report. This information can be pulled from the major credit-reporting agencies, such as Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Having this information can help you dispute any mistakes in the reporting when you talk to the lender.

A credit score usually ranges from 350 to 850. You want a higher credit score so you can get a lower interest on your loan. Scores will be based on your overall debt, payment history, and length of credit history.

Any credit score above 720 is a good credit score. If you like to get an FHA loan, your credit score should be above 580. Once you know your credit score, determine what interest you'll likely qualify.

Get Pre-Approved

Before you search for a house online, get your financials organized by securing a full underwritten pre-approval. You'll have an edge over other purchasers if you take this tip seriously. First, it indicates that you as a buyer can give an offer without any eventualities.

Second, you can shorten the transaction time by one to two weeks. This can help you close quicker than other home buyers and shop around for the most desirable deal. When you secure the loan, learn about any hidden fees and junk fees because they can reduce your budget for the house.

If you what you have are stock options, make sure they're liquid and available. Consult with your company to determine how fast the options can turn liquid if they're required to purchase a house.

Purchase a house In Arizona

Search The MLS

Once you're prepared to search your dream house and teamed up with a real estate agent, it's time to check the MLS. Use the updated MLS to view the available houses in different locations. The MLS of AZ Deal Hunters is found right here. This site will offer you information on homes, their features, and listing prices.

In this step, you'll realize if the homes for sale in your desired areas have the features that are significant to you. Narrow down your search to easily find the perfect home of your dreams, which takes us to the next step.

Be Imaginative With Your Search

While people are searching for a four-bed, two-bath house in a particular area, get a better deal on houses that have a space for an additional bedroom or toilet. You can offer a smaller price and save up for a room addition in the future.

Search for houses in areas where you think are appreciating over the next couple of years. In the future, you can resale the house for a higher value.

15 Tips To Get An Edge

(Click here for full Image)

Don't Buy The Biggest House

The biggest house isn't desirable when you buy a property. If you're planning to resell the house, a big property would only appeal to a few home buyers. This could mean fewer chances of reselling your house to the market.

The value will also increase as much as the other homes around so this means limited appreciation. Sometimes, it's more desirable to purchase the worst house in the neighborhood. You can remodel it and sell it at a higher value in the future.

Visit Each Property

Once you have narrowed down your choices, it's time to visit each of them. You'll be surprised that the houses you see online may not look the same in person. If you want to make the best choice, you should see as many as you can in person.

Don't just visit the neighborhood for a single time only. Make it a few times to get a feel for the neighborhood. Include a weekend, so you'll know how your neighbors are like when they're at home. You might also check the amenities and parking situation.

With the house itself, check the size of the garden, the condition of the roof, and electric connections. Is the garden too large or small for you? Do you need to repair the roof or not? Are there adequate sockets in the house?

Determine What's Significant To A Seller

Before you make an offer, find out how you can connect with the seller. The seller might choose a buyer for various reasons. For example, a single mother selling a home will sell the house to a fellow single mother like herself. In this case, introducing yourself will help you stand out from the competition.

A seller will need to vacate the house before you can move in. Up your chances of getting your offer accepted by making an offer that meets his/her needs. In this case, present to rent back to the seller for a few months. Another way of finding out what's important to the seller is to consult the listing agent.

Make A Competitive Offer

Once you have found the house of your dreams, it's time to make an offer. Make the offer as competitive as possible so you won't lose with the other buyers. In a seller's market like the East Valley, do less "asks", organize your financials, and be ready to move fast.

Don't get too attached to the house because it will take about six offers before a purchaser's offer is accepted in the East Valley. Usually, buyers are offering a price 5-15% higher than the listing price. If you want to have room to raise your offer price, look for houses with listing prices lower than your budget.

Your real estate agent will help you make a competitive offer. This is the part where you should be stress-free. Let AZ Hunters Deal do the job for you.

Be Lenient With Sellers

You can get an edge by being amenable to your seller's needs. Ask the listing agent when the seller likes to close as this can be a factor when reviewing several offers. The seller seems to close a deal quickly when a buyer is very accommodating with his/her offer.

Of course, you need to rush your seller to decide right away. Give him/her time to think about your offer. Set a certain date so you'll know when to find another house.

Don't Be Afraid To Make Counter Offers

Even if the seller rejects your initial offer, don't be discouraged. That's just part of the negotiation process. While your initial offer may be multiple pages long, the counter offer is typically one page long.

The price is the most common term to be changed with the counteroffer. The price is more likely to increase if the seller will make a counteroffer. If you accept and sign it, then it becomes a binding contract.

If you don't agree with the seller's counteroffer, you can create a counteroffer of your own. Several counteroffers may be exchanged between parties until an agreement is finally achieved. If you end with this situation, make sure that you understand the terms that you're agreeing.

Make Certain What Comes With The House

There's often disputes happening about what items are included/not included in the sale of a house. Of course, the personal property of the seller isn't included in the sale. So, what items are considered part of the house? Based on practice, any item that's affixed to the house is more likely deemed to be part of the house.

Unless nailed to a wall, a painting hanging on a wall isn't a part of the house. A television screwed on a wall might be considered part of the house. If that same television is just hanging on a nail or standing on a desk, then it's personal property of the seller.

selling a home In Arizona

To avoid confusion, spell out to the seller what items you want to be part of the house sale. Other items that are ultimately included in the sale of a house are:

  • Attached floor coverings
  • Window screens
  • Fountains
  • Light fixtures
  • Built-in appliances

Cancel The Contract If Necessary

A seller listing a house "as is" is just him/her telling the buyers that he/she doesn't want to repair the property. Even if the house is sold "as is", the purchase contract still includes an Inspection Period. During this period, you can inspect the house and you can cancel the contract if you're not happy with what you see.

condos for sale in Tempe, AZ

When you cancel the contract, you can ask a full refund of your hard-earned money. This is again another complicated inspection and due diligence procedure present in most Arizona home purchases. Ask your real estate agent about this for any questions.

Whether you're looking for condos for sale in Tempe, AZ or land for sale in Phoenix, Arizona, AZ Deal Hunters can help you find the right property that suits your needs. If you need assistance in buying a house in Arizona, call 480-432-7049 them today!

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March 19, 2018

Want To Buy A Foreclosure? Here's What You Need To Know [Guide]

An increase in foreclosure activity might be good news for people who hunt for bargains and are looking for an affordable home. Whether you're looking to buy condos for sale in Phoenix, AZ or purchase your first home, buying a foreclosure is a good strategy to save a serious amount of money.

But how does this process exactly work? What are the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing a foreclosure? If you're thinking of buying a foreclosed home, here's what you need to know.

Buy condos for sale in Phoenix, AZ

What's A Foreclosure?

Once the homeowner fails to pay the mortgage, then the house will be foreclosed. Foreclosure is a legal procedure by which the owner relinquishes all entitlements to the property. More specifically, the house is put into a foreclosure auction if the homeowner fails to pay the outstanding mortgage or sell the house themselves.

If the foreclosed house doesn't sell at the auction, the ownership is given to the bank or lending institution. The bank can then dispose of the house through a liquidation auction or sell it through a real estate agent.

There are two basic types of foreclosure:

Judicial Sale: In this type of foreclosure, the court supervises the sale of the mortgaged property. The proceeds go first to the payment of the mortgage, and then to other lien holders and the homeowner.

Power Of Sale: This type of foreclosure doesn't involve the court. The mortgage holder is the one who will the supervise the sale of the property.

The Process Of Buying A Foreclosed Home

Buying a foreclosed home is somewhat the same as buying a standard home- you still need to have a good credit score, stable income, and a loan pre-approval. However, the process of buying a foreclosure might be more challenging and sluggish. More significantly, you'll have to manage with home upgrades and repairs yourself.

When buying a foreclosure, you're buying from a bank, not from an individual. This could mean a very sluggish communication and less chance of negotiating the asking price. Buying a foreclosed home also mean you're buying a home "as is". So you get whatever condition it is and it's up to you to make the necessary repairs before you move in.

The first step in buying a foreclosure is to search for properties. You can hire a real estate agent to look through the listings, read the local newspaper, or search online. Next, prepare to buy the property by getting pre-approved for financing and inspecting the property.

Buying a foreclosed home

Once you're ready to buy the foreclosed property, decide your offer amount. You can check the prices of comparable properties and find out any outstanding debts on the foreclosed property. From there, compute your offer amount and negotiate a buying price.

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Purchasing A Foreclosure

The biggest benefit of buying a foreclosed house is its low price. You can save a lot of money if you know what you're doing. Compared to buying a non-bank-possessed property, foreclosure is more affordable.

If you want to flip a house as an investment, a foreclosure is a great choice. You can buy the home "as is" and upgrade it to look like a million dollar bucks. To be on the radar with what's available in your area, look for a licensed real estate agent to work for you on the inside.

Buying a foreclosure is also risky. You won't be able to move in after you bought the foreclosed house. You might land a low price but you'll want to ensure that you won't spend more just fixing the place.

Most of the time, the interior of the house gets neglected. The closed environment inside the house could lead to the development of bacteria and mold. Also, problems with liens and title might emerge that's why you need to use a real estate attorney if you want to purchase a foreclosure.

Auctions Aren't Always Good

If it's your first time buying a foreclosed home, don't buy it at an auction. The process is a bit risky for a newbie like you.

For starters, you can't check the house to know if there's any damage or determine any senior liens. Instead of buying a good deal, you mind end up with a Pandora's box where you unfold more problems.

Also, if the homeowner still resides in the house when the auction happens, you may have a problem evicting him/her. There's also a high chance of vandalism, especially if the former owner is resentful. The house might be trashed before the former owner leaves the house.

There's Cash To Be Created

At some point, a lot of homeowners have at least thought of working with foreclosure listings in their local area. Foreclosed houses in Phoenix are interesting to work with because it gives you great savings if you know precisely what you're doing. That's why it's vital to have more knowledge about the foreclosed properties and how to handle them.

To be on your way to creating great deals in an instant, invest your time in learning everything about local foreclosures. The AZ Deal Hunters can assist you in finding the recent foreclosure listings so you can rest assured of getting a good deal.

Sure, foreclosed houses usually require a lot of repairs, but they can also offer investors a room to create money. The market price of a foreclosed house may be lower and it's expected that repairs will cost a lot.

Once repairs are made, the property market value also increases, which is what we call the After Repair Value (ARV). The ARV is often similar to the current market value of the same properties in the same area. If you know how you to make profitable repairs, then you can get high returns.

buy a foreclosure - infographic

(Click here for full Image)

What Can You Expect When Buying A Foreclosure?

Truth be told, the selling bank couldn't care less about you. However, we do so we're telling you to get ready for these things.

Low Appraisal

Even if you have secured the proper financing, obtaining the foreclosed property isn't an assurance. Like with any house purchase, the size of the loan depends on the appraisal amount of the foreclosure. Foreclosures tend to have low appraisals because of damage caused by vandalism or abandonment.

Spend Further On Maintenance

Since foreclosures are usually sold "as is", consider the potential repair costs into your budget. Expect REO properties to be in very bad condition. The bank that holds the ownership of the foreclosed property won't make the necessary repairs before selling it. The price won't also be lowered to recompense the repair costs you'll make.

Not All Foreclosures Are Great

Even if the home is found in foreclosure listings, it's not an assurance that it's a great deal. Some of them aren't really worthy of their high price. That's why it's important to remember that you aren't always landing some great deals when you create these house purchases. A professional real estate agent can help you decode through listings and help you obtain a real deal.

Professional real estate agent

It Might Take Forever

The bank might take a lot of time to respond to your offer and with baffling speed, someone else has given an offer. Multiple offer circumstances are not a stranger in foreclosure sales so get ready to compete with other bidders. And get ready to wait for a long time.

Inspection Can Be Alarming

A home inspection of a foreclosed house can be quite alarming. Who knows what's inside a house that's abandoned for several months. To prepare yourself for the home inspection, expect the worst.

You might also be surprised that the bank will not help you with the repairs. To the selling bank, this deal is just another business routine.

Delays And More Delays

With foreclosures, the waiting time to get to the closing day seems to feel like forever. As soon as a problem arises, delays will be made. Patience is key in getting to the closing day. But when the closing day finally happens, it's going to be rushed.

Tips For Buying A Foreclosure

Just because buying a foreclosure is slightly risky, doesn't mean that you have to give. Here are tips for buying a foreclosure.

Make Your Plan Beforehand

Before you buy a foreclosure, determine how you're going to do with it- would you plan to flip it, live in it, or rent it out. Your decision will affect how much you spend on fixes and remodels and how fast you need to create those enhancements.

If you're planning to flip a foreclosed house, you should make all the necessary improvements in a short time. This means having a large amount of money upfront. If you're planning to rent or live in the foreclosed property, you make the improvements slowly in a long time.

Do Your Research

It's enticing to buy the foreclosed house when the price is right. But is it worth it? With the condition of the house, how much cash are you going to spend on improvement and repair? If you're planning to flip it, what are the similar homes selling in the similar block? Research the answers to these questions and create your move.

Homes selling in Arizona

Have Cash Handy

When you have found a foreclosed home of your preference, it's helpful to have cash. You'll have a higher chance of getting your offer accepted by the bank if you can buy the foreclosed property right away.

Get Pre-Qualified

Before you begin looking for a foreclosed home, secure a letter of prequalification from a lender. The foreclosure market is getting competitive so you have to be ahead of the game by getting pre-qualified beforehand. In most cases, a seller prefers working with a purchaser who's pre-qualified rather than wait and take a risk for anyone who isn't.

Purchase From A Bank

A better choice is to look for houses that are possessed by the bank or real estate owned (REO). You don't have to worry about senior liens because the bank will take care of them. You also don't have to forcefully evict the former owner.

More importantly, you can inspect the house before purchase. Figure how much you need to spend on repairs and upgrades.


Contact The Lender Directly

A lot of buyers seek the help of real estate agents who're experts in foreclosures. However, you can go straight to the lender if you have interest in a specific property. A local or community bank that doesn't have a large infrastructure for managing foreclosure sales would be more than willing to sell the foreclosed home to you.

Use An Experienced Realtor

Experience is very important when hiring professionals to do the job for you. Find a real estate agent who has a great local experience in your area and has dealt with foreclosures before. Without their assistance, you could waste more time and money In selecting one of these properties.

AZ Deal Hunters specialize in helping individuals purchase foreclosed homes in Phoenix, AZ. We help you find the best properties in the foreclosure listings. In the listings, you'll find a lot of condos for sale in Tempe, AZ and foreclosed homes in the area.

Foreclosed homes in Arizona

If you want to view the latest condos for sale in Mesa, AZ and other foreclosed properties in the area, call AZ Deal Hunters at 480-432-7049 today!

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March 16, 2018

[15 Mortgage Mistakes] To Avoid When Buying A Home

Whether you buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ or condos for sale in Phoenix, AZ, the essential step is getting your financials in order. There many questions concerning mortgages and their process, but one subject that is rarely discussed are the common mortgage mistakes that are conducted. As we speak, someone is creating a blunder that's likely costing his/her chance to purchase a home.

When you buy homes in Arizona, it's important that you know the common mortgage mistakes so you can steer clear of them as possible. Making just one mortgage mistake can ruin your opportunity of getting a loan. Below, you'll find 15 mortgage mistakes that you need to avoid when purchasing a home.

Buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ

Neglecting To Assess Your Credit Score

When you decide to buy a home, the first thing that you need to do is assess your credit reports and credit score. It's important that you know this information so you know what to assume when you begin the process. Also, you can spot the errors in your credit report at this early stage and do something to improve your dismal credit score.

If you're a couple buying a house, use the income of the individual who has a higher credit score to apply for a mortgage underwriting. In some cases, lenders use the lower score to base your interest rate. Either way, try to consider this factor at the start of the process.

Not Pre-Approved

Another common mortgage mistake that many potential home buyers often do is to get pre-qualified instead of getting pre-approved. Not getting a pre-approved is a big no-no when purchasing a house. What makes a mortgage pre-qualification different from a mortgage pre-approval?

A mortgage pre-qualification relies on the information given by the potential borrower. The lender doesn't do any research making the pre-qualification lacking in credibility. This makes it only as good as the paper that it's written on.

On the other, a mortgage pre-approval shows more credibility because it's only issued after a lender reviews a buyer's credit reports and other financial data. Any top realtor will ask for a mortgage pre-approval before presenting the house since it highly increases the chances of a buyer to secure the payment.

Getting A Single Mortgage Quote

It's not smart to get a single mortgage quote if you want to get the best deal. As much as possible, get multiple quotes from various lenders. You can consult with your local bank, credit union, and other financial institutions.

Typically, credit unions provide the best mortgage rates but it depends on your circumstances. Keep in mind that your file will be dinged every time your lender access your credit to offer you a quote. To protect your credit score, get all quotes with a 2-week period so it doesn't show that you're applying for various loans from several lenders each time.

Best mortgage rate

Thinking That All Mortgage Products And Lender Rates Are Similar

Many home buyers think that all mortgage products, lender rates, and terms are similar. The truth is, they're not. When purchasing a home, you need to decide which form of mortgage suits your situation the best.

The different types of mortgage products that lenders usually offer are conventional, FHA, adjustable rate, or fixed rate. Each of these mortgage product provides different rates and terms. When shopping for the best house financing deal, ask your potential lenders about the type of mortgages they offer, the present rates for every mortgage product, and the costs linked to every mortgage product.

You shouldn't be afraid to ask these questions because it can say a lot of the lender that you like. If you don't know that there's a contrast between mortgage products, lender rates, and terms, then you lose the chance of landing a good deal.

Not Negotiating Junk Fees

If you want to get the best mortgage rate, learn how to negotiate junk fees. You may not be able to refuse them entirely, but negotiating them is something you should attempt to do. Several junk fees that you should watch out for include sign-up fee, application fee, and broker fee.

The key is learning what to expect when faced with different junk fees. The average cost of mortgage and processing fees is somewhere between $200-$500. If the lender charges more than $500, ask about it, and if the lender can't explain directly, then it's time to look for another.

You can also catch the junk fees beforehand by looking at the fees listed on the Good Faith Estimate (GFE). The GFLE is only an estimate so you have the chance to shave it down. Surprisingly, lenders are amenable to minimize the fees if you ask nicely.

Making Too Much Debt

If you want to get approved for a mortgage, avoid adding too much debt. Additional debts will only mess your debt-to-income (DTI) ratios, which eventually can lead to a mortgage rejection. Normally, lenders like to see a DTI that's lower than 40%. Other programs also approve a 45% DTI on separate occasions.

To get the figure of your DTI, divide your total debt by your gross monthly income. If it's more than 45% you need to reduce it down to qualify for a mortgage. To know the maximum debt you can have, multiply 0.45 by your gross income per month.

The best way to lower your DTI is to get more income or pay your credit card debt. You may consider getting a second job to accomplish this.

Putting Nothing Down

You'll be faced with potential problems if you're putting a little to nothing down- say 4% with a conventional loan or 3% with an FHA loan. A private mortgage insurance (PMI) is needed by these loans. PMI usually costs between $20 to $250 monthly for every $100,000 borrowed. Conventional loans allow you to drop the PMI, provided that you make a down payment somewhere between 5% to 20%.

If you put less than 20% of down payment, you'll likely have to purchase mortgage insurance, which means an additional cost on top of your mortgage payment. FHA loans, on the other hand, need mortgage insurance until the loan is paid fully.

Missing The Rate Lock

When you complete a mortgage application, you'll have to decide whether to lock the mortgage rate or not. What you should avoid is to skip the rate lock. The mortgage rate lock allows you to secure the present mortgage rate for a specified period of time- typically from 7 days to 90 days.

If you miss locking the rate, you put yourself vulnerable to any rate increase. For instance, if you agree on a lock rate of 3% and the rate suddenly increase to 4% the next week, you end up paying the higher rate.

You do have the option to extend the rate lock if it's expiring and no closing date is set. There's actually a cost in extending the rate lock and it may differ from lender to lender. If the delay is only for a few days, lenders usually extend the rate lock without any cost.

Shopping For Homeowners Insurance Until The Last Minute

Don't wait to shop for the best homeowners insurance until the last minute. You need to shop around and compare rates. Just like interest rates, homeowner insurance rates can vary from one provider to another.

Homeowners insurance is a prerequisite for any buyer that's paying for their house purchase. For this reason, you need to shop around early in the mortgage process. If you do it late, you'll end up delaying your own closing because the loan won't be financed until the said insurance is bought and paid for.

15 Mortgage Mistakes

(Click here for full Image)

Ignoring The Overall Costs Of Owning A House

The monthly mortgage isn't the only concern that you need to consider when owning a house. You need to consider other related costs such as utilities, potential repairs, and personal expenses. Many mortgage companies don't inform you about these additional costs.

If you depend on a bank to establish your price range, then you'll most likely end up buying a house that's on top of your budget. Banks base your qualification on your gross income. They don't consider other monthly costs, such as car loans and credit cards.

Home buyers who fail to consider the costs of owning a home often end up in a weak position in the coming years. You want portion 1/3 of your monthly income on housing expenses, which include mortgage fees, insurance charges, and homeowners association expenses.

Irregular Employment History

When you apply for a home loan, mortgage companies also look at your employment history. A buyer with an irregular job history or had multiple jobs over the past few years may have a hard time getting approved. Unless the jobs are related, then you can have multiple jobs in your employment history.

Having an inconsistent job history is another mortgage mistake that you should avoid. If you want to get approved for a home loan, make sure that you have a stable job beforehand.

Signing Without Understanding

By this time, you already know your monthly fees and the mortgage interest rate. You need to see these terms in writing. Before you sign the document, you need to understand the terms.

Even if the person looks credible, don't just take his/her word for it. Read the document and ask if there are any terms that you don't understand. You can ask your lawyer to review the loan terms with you. Do this ahead of time so you can sign the contract without any problems.

foreclosure homes in Phoenix, AZ

Not Finding The Right House

Of course, your home loan will be put to waste if you're going to spend it on a bad house at the end. You should shop around at a lot of homes. You can search online and search the listings for available foreclosure homes in Phoenix, AZ.

When you're thinking of buying the house, get a feel for its neighborhood first. Does it have the amenities that you like? Is it close to stores and schools? Do this research so you won't regret your home purchase.

Assuming That The Loan Is Final

While the closing isn't made yet, don't act like the house purchase is a done deal. Don't resign from your job because the lenders will verify if you have at least two years of consistent employment before closing.

Avoid opening new credit cards, apply for new loans, or use more than one credit line. If you have too much debt, you won't be able to take a higher loan amount. You shouldn't even overspend your cash because lenders want you to have sufficient savings in times of contingency.

Real estate agent

Not Using A Local Realtor

If you seek help from a real estate agent, make sure that he or she is a local of the area. A local real estate agent has the best knowledge about mortgage in your area. So if you're living in Phoenix, Arizona, don't choose a Penfield NY realtor. Why?

It's simple. A real estate agent living on the other side of the US can't offer quality real estate advice to a buyer living in a different state. There are many ways to find the best realtors in your area. One way is to ask referrals from your friends and family.

Foreclosure listings in Phoenix, AZ

AZ Deal Hunters work closely with mortgage brokers and can help you discover new foreclosure listings in Phoenix, AZ. If you want assistance in buying a home call AZ Deal Hunters at 480-432-7049 today!.

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March 15, 2018

[20 Tips] Most First-Time Home Buyers Don't Consider

Nothing is more nerve-wracking than to buy houses the first time in Phoenix, AZ. You need to go through a complicated process and meet some hurdles that might impede your goal of getting your dream house. To make your first-time home purchase a little less daunting, here are 20 tips that you need to consider.

Buy houses

Save Early For The Down Payment

Lenders usually ask 20% down payment, but a lot of lenders now allow much less. First-time homebuyer programs now allow as low as 3% down, but even a low down payment can still be large. Let's say you're buying a $250,000 house, a 5% down payment is $12.500.

Putting a down lower than 20% also entails higher costs and a payment for private mortgage insurance. To secure the money for the down payment, consider saving your tax refunds, work bonuses, and a bank savings plan.

Think Of The Future

Before you buy a house, think long-term. Are you planning to have a family? Are you considering getting a pet? Do you plan to re-sale it in the future? In that case, who will be your target market when it's sold on the market?

If you're planning to have children, choose a large house with enough space for an additional bedroom. Look for a large yard and durable flooring if you're considering pets. Consider the repairs and improvements if you want to flip the house.

Look For The Nearest School District, Avoid Playgrounds

When choosing a house, look for the nearest school district. Even if you don't have children, residing near the best school districts will increase the value of your property. This is good if you're planning to resale the house in the future.

What you should avoid is to live near a large playground. It will be noisy with the squeaky sound of swings every day. This also doesn't guarantee a selling point for resale. If you don't like to be surprised, check the building plans close to your home.

Check Your Credit

When you're applying for a mortgage loan, make sure that your credit isn't dismal. Your credit will be an important factor in determining your interest rate and loan terms. So before you start the house buying process, check your credit.

Mortgage loan

Check for any errors and dispute if there's so you're credit score will be improved. Also, look for opportunities to increase your credit by paying your outstanding debts and limiting your purchase habits.

List The Items That You Need

Contrary to popular belief, purchasing a house is an emotional process. Ideally, you shouldn't use your emotions when assessing a house but, that's impossible. Your emotions will tell you what features you want and what essentials you can't give up.

To make your home search simpler, create a checklist of the features that must have, good to have, and other essentials. Then print the checklist so you can bring it each time you visit a house. If you like a house, refer to your checklist and see if it has all the features you want.


If you're ready to find the house that you want, search the market. Use the multiple listing services (MLS) to find any available properties in your area. The MLS will offer the recent data about homes, their qualities, and their prices.

Using it is easy. In the MLS of AZ Deal Hunters, simply enter the county, city, price range, and other essential information then search. So, if you're looking for houses for sale in Gilbert, Arizona, find Gilbert in the city list and input the necessary information.

Houses for sale in Gilbert, Arizona

Don't Believe The Bank

Often, the bank will tell you how much you can afford. You don't necessarily have to believe what the bank says because it doesn't take into account your other monthly expenses. To prevent yourself getting poor, you need to find out how much can afford, which takes us to the next tip.

Consider All The Costs On Your Budget

When making the budget for the house, consider other costs like home improvements, transportation cost, and utilities. Don't forget major fees that only happen once a year, like yearly vacations and insurance premiums. Subtract the total costs of your gross monthly income and you'll get the amount which you can spend on your new house every month.

If you don't know how much the utilities cost exactly, ask an estimate from the utility companies that service the home you're taking into account. To get the transportation cost, estimate how much commuting or gas will you spend if you move into the house. Consider all these costs and see if you can bear the expense of buying the house you're considering.

Research Other Funding Options

Aside from banks, there are other funding options that you may not know yet. Have you heard of grants and funding sources? You'd be surprised that the income limit for these forms of funding is very generous. There are grants given to different professions (grants for fishermen, teachers, etc.) as well as the place of the prospective home (whether it's in suburban, rural, etc.).

You could also try asking your family members if they can pitch into the down payment. Crowdfunding is also a good option to gather funds from anonymous benefactors.

Inspect Meticulously

When inspecting a house, take a closer look at its structure. There are instances where the problem of the house is unseen. For example, you might be led to think that the roof is new but the real deal is there exists a worn layer underneath that might cause leaks in the future.

Also check the walls, floor, and pillars. Determine any signs of damage so you can budget for the cost of repair. Don't just take anyone's word. Check the house yourself and pay attention to details during the inspection.

Negotiate After The Inspection

If any flaw is noticed during the home inspection, use it in your favor. Try to negotiate a price reduction to offset the flaws. If you're successful, you can use the extra money for upgrades and repairs.

There are many cases wherein flaws are taken care of like a credit. That's what usually happens on a high-dollar show. However, if you've seen too many flaws, you might as well forget the house and look for another.

Even if it's impossible to get it all, don't be afraid to ask for repairs or compromises. You're likely to end with a good result if you ask more.


(Click here for full Image)

Read The Contract Before Signing

There's no retreating when you sign the contract. So before you can fully commit yourself to the home sale agreement, read the contract and understand the terms carefully.

If there are any terms that you don't understand, ask your real estate agent or your mortgage broker. If they give a very vague answer, fire them. There are more professionals who are more than willing to help you through the buying process.

Forget The Staging

When you evaluate a house, don't be fooled with the staging. The aim of every staging is to present the house a desirable as possible. However, there are cases wherein the problem areas of the house are hidden with flashy furniture.

In one instance, a beautiful night lamp was decorated in the corner. Little do we know that there are no plug points near the area.

So the moral lesson of the story is, set aside the staging and evaluate the house as it is. Look more closely at the house layout and the structure. Even if the wall is ugly, you can repaint it later.

Don't Be Too Picky

The most common mistake of first-time home buyers is to be too ideal for the house that they want. There's nothing wrong with keeping a wish list on what your new home should have, but don't be inflexible that you end up with nothing. As a newbie in the home buying process, it's not bad to compromise on something due to lack of funds.

You may have to accept an old decor, do some repairs to the house, or live on a noisy street. Of course, you can always opt to continue renting until you can find the best house for you.

Study Your Neighborhood

There's nothing more satisfying than to live in a peaceful community. Before you take the plunge, visit the neighborhood and check if it's safe. Are there delinquents in the streets? Is the road always busy?

The best time to visit the neighborhood is Sunday. It's when people are off from work and do their favorite activities. You can observe from afar or interview some people in the neighborhood.

Take Benefit On An Open House

An open house is a great opportunity to get the feel of the neighborhood. During this event, look closely at the home's overall condition and detect any smells or damage.

Ask any questions relating to the house, such as it date of foundation, the last time items were replaced, and the age of the air conditioning systems. If many potential buyers are attending the open house event with you, don't be shy to schedule another visit.


Create A Compelling Offer

In most cases, there are many potential home buyers you'll be competing in one house. To make sure that you stand out in the competition, make your offer as compelling as possible. Make sure that you stay within the budget. You don't want to get the house of your dreams but live in poverty and high debt for the rest of your life.

Don't Compromise On Significant Things

Don't buy studio unit when you plan to have kids in the future because where will you put your kid's bedroom? For the same reason, don't buy a one-bedroom home just because it's more affordable than a three-bedroom house. You should consider what's important and don't compromise it with the price.

Truth be told, being a first-time home buyer means a lot of compromises, especially if you have a limited budget, but don't take risks that will be a major problem in the future. If you want to have kids in the future, look for a three-bedroom house and compromise a little on a smaller garden.

Purchase Homeowners Insurance

Your lender will ask you to purchase a homeowners insurance before you close on your new home. To find the best deal, look around and compare rates. Pay attention to the policy coverage- usually cheaper policy means fewer protections.

It's not a bad idea to have a list of options because sometimes an insurer can reject your house if it's not happy with what it sees.

Real estate agent

Use Experienced Professionals

For fixes and upgrades, you need to use an experienced contractor. Unlike doing it yourself, a contractor will use quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. There's nothing more important than aesthetic details when you resale the house in the future.

If you want to work with a real estate agent, make sure that he/she has a long experience in your local area. You can ask your local real estate agent to search and visit the house with you.

foreclosures in Phoenix, AZ

From homes for sale in Maricopa County, AZ to foreclosures in Phoenix, AZ, AZ Deal Hunters will help you find the best deals that fit your needs. For more information, call 480-432-7049 today!.

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March 13, 2018

[25 Things] to Consider Before Buying A Home

If you're looking to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ, it's important that you know what you're doing because it's such a large investment to waste. Your best weapons are knowledge and preparedness. Before you purchase a home, consider these 25 important things.

Buy homes in Phoenix, AZ

Figure Out How Much You Can Afford

Before you begin hunting for a house, figure out how much can borrow. Don't just believe what lenders tell you. Calculate how much you can afford by subtracting your monthly expenses from your monthly gross income.

When you have realized your budget for your new home, only look at houses within your budget. Don't go overboard or you'll end up poor.

Your Plans For The Future

Another thing that you should consider before purchasing a house is your future plans. How are you planning to live in the house? Are you getting a pet or having children in the future? In that case, look for a house with plenty of rooms.

Likewise, if your work or your financial situation is unsteady, ask yourself whether you're prepared to commit yourself to a monthly mortgage. If you buy the wrong house at the wrong time, then you're pretty much screwed.

Look For Mortgages Around

Many people look for homes first, then secure a mortgage next. The problem with this sequence is they usually have no time to shop around for better mortgage deals. They tend to take the first mortgage offered since they're in a rush to get the house.

To be more financially responsible, it's better to look for a mortgage first before you find a house. Meet with several lenders and choose the best one that offers the best rate.

Get Pre-Approved By A Lender

Likewise, it's better to seek pre-approval before hunting a house. Getting pre-approved shows that you're capable to secure funds and pay the mortgage. This makes it a lot simpler for you to negotiate a more favorable price. Without this, you're likely to be rejected in favor of more eligible purchasers.

Before attempting to get pre-approved for a house loan, check your credit score and credit files, which takes me to the next consideration.

House loan

Check Your Credit Files

Before you apply for a mortgage, take time to check your credit files. If you found any errors, dispute them right away so they won't affect your credit score.

Small errors can hurt your chances of getting a mortgage and a good interest rate. For instance, wrong addresses can cause rejection for your mortgage application. That's why it's important to check on these details and improve your credit score.

25 Things to Consider Before Buying A Home

(Click here for full Image)

Examine The Neighborhood

Location does count when choosing a home. Take a walk around the neighborhood and visit the shops and parks at various times of the day. Are the shops just near your home? Are the parks clean? Are there any signs of vandalism?

Get information about the place from the locals. Ask them if there are any problems in the area. If you're serious about getting more information about the area, rent a nearby hotel or pension house.

Hire The Right People

With so many houses to buy in Chandler, AZ, it's difficult to find the best one alone. You need the help of an experienced real estate agent to help you with home buying procedure. Also, if you're looking for a mortgage broker, make sure that it has a large experience serving in your local area.

Don't just simply believe in their claims that they have the competence and experience you need. Ask references and call their past clients to double check about their credibility.

Do It Yourself

If you don't like to work with middlemen, you can use your own initiative to look for a house. Try to hunt houses in your preferred area that aren't available on the market. You can drive around and look for a house with a "for sale" post. Contact the seller directly by finding the telephone number written on the post.

If you're busy to drive around, simply place notes through doors so you can be directly contacted by the sellers. You could also place a notice in other areas, such as local store windows, online forums, and social media.

Begin Small

After getting pre-approved, don't get ahead of yourself. As much as possible, begin by looking at homes at the low end of your approval range. Don't go over your approval range and regret at the end.

Keep in mind that affordability is important. By beginning small, you increase your chances of finding a good, affordable home and make it your own. You can always do upgrades anytime in the future.

Broadening Your Search Area

You can also consider searching other other parts of Arizona in your search. Even if your job is in Phoenix, you can consider to purchase a house elsewhere and rent a room close to your office. In Arizona, a studio apartment has an average rent of $725.

Research Comparable Properties

When starting the stressful house-searching process, do your research properly. See as many houses in your specific price bracket and try to study the prices for comparable properties.

Track how these comparable properties sell out quickly. Also, find out what the usual asking price is. With this knowledge, you'll know how to negotiate your way in getting the most favorable price.

Make A Checklist To Determine Issues

Don't waste money on a survey only to detect obvious issues. The next time you view a house, bring an expert to provide a direct opinion on the property. Small problems, like a broken cabinet knob, needn't be a cause for withdrawal.

If you want to inspect the house, create a list to make it simpler. Detect any dampness near windows and inside the cupboards. Look for any possible leaks or stains in the ceiling. Also, don't forget to inspect other essentials in the house such as switches, plumbing, and roof.

Ask Your Neighbor

No other person can give you a more honest opinion about the house, than the neighbors nearby. Don't ask the neighbor living next to the property that you like because chances are they have a close relationship with the seller. They might be conniving to give you a positive answer.

Putting A Down Is Important

Ideally, you need to put a down of at least 20%. This shows that you possess the financial strength to get a mortgage. If you can't put a 20% down, you can seek other options, like FHA or other low-down-payment loans.

Paying the 20% down gives you the benefit of skipping the mortgage insurance, which is normally equal to 1% of the total mortgage balance per year. You'll keep on paying the mortgage insurance until your principal debt declines below 80% of your home value.

Mortgage insurance

You're Responsible For The Maintenance And Fixes

A homeowner is responsible for maintaining the house. This is one of the consequences of owning a house that you should be aware. You can do the work yourself or ask a professional to repair the house for you.

Consider Your Travel To And Fro

Many first-time home buyers focus too much on the property's value that they forget about its implications to their daily commute. If the cheap house is too far from your work then what's thought to be a good deal could be a bad deal after all. Driving long hours every day may hurt you financially and physically.

Don't rely on the map alone when figuring out the commute. Drive the route yourself like you usually would, and imagine doing that similar drive daily.

Homeowner's Insurance May Be More Experience Than You Realize

You might think that a homeowner's insurance costs almost the same as renter's insurance, but you're wrong. The truth is, a homeowner's insurance tends to pricey, and it's based mainly on the expenses that you would obtain in replicating the house today. A homeowner's insurance is pricey because it's normally collected through monthly mortgage fees and detained in escrow until it expires.

Secure A 15-Year Mortgage

The default of mortgage is 30-years because the monthly payments are usually lower. However, the interest would be higher and your debt would last for very long. If you want to end your debt in a much earlier period, you can consider securing a 15-year mortgage.

A 15-year mortgage will be much earlier to finish but you'll pay a higher monthly fee. The truth is, if you can't bear to pay the 15-year monthly fee, you can't afford the house.

Make Certain Of What Items Are Included

To avoid moving into a vacant house, ask the seller what fixtures are included in the home purchase. Generally, anything fixed on the wall with a screw or nail is part of the house. Anything hanging is personal property.

To be certain, let the seller confirm the items that are included in the sale. If the seller lets you pay the extra item, see if you could purchase it cheaper.

Consider Buying A House At Auction

Houses in auctions tend to be cheaper. However, you need to buy it "as is'. This means buying it without inspection and paying extra for any repairs.

If you consider this option, go to a few auctions first and observe its process. You may also visit the houses several times before participating in an auction. In this way, you know the true condition of the house before taking a bid.

Buying A House At Auction

Don't Put All Your Money Into Closing

It's never good to use all your money at closing because you might need it after purchasing the house. Most people end up buying a bare house so you need new furniture and appliances. There might be also repairs that need to be made in the house.

Negotiate As Much As You Can

Like most people, negotiating can be pretty awkward and banks use this to their benefit. Actually, terms are negotiable. You can ask to reduce the selling price and closing costs.

Think About Your Debt-To-Income (DTI) Ratio

When planning to buy a house, keep your DTI in mind. Add your total debt and compare it your gross monthly income. The total debt is your debt payment per month plus your approximated mortgage payment per month.

Your total debt should be below 40% of your gross monthly income. If it goes above 40%, then you're bound to have problems.

Rent Your Extra Room

If you have an extra room, consider renting it out to a lodger. You can gain extra money to help you pay the monthly mortgage fee. However, you need to pay an income tax.

If you don't want to rent the extra room full time, you can use it as a guesthouse. You can allow travelers to stay in your room for a few days and earn income as a result.


Don't Rush

Like in any decisions, rushing is always a bad thing. You could end up in a wrong house with a high mortgage to pay every month. So give yourself time to think all of the considerations above before signing a deal.

As much as possible, give yourself six months to one year to purchasing a house. This time period includes boosting your credit, saving up for the down payment, and actually looking for a house.

If you're ready to buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ or anywhere around the state, call AZ Deal Hunters at 480-432-7049 today!

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March 5, 2018

Buyer Beware: Avoid These Mistakes That Could Derail Your Condo Buying Experience! [Must Read Guide]

In housing markets like Phoenix, AZ, it often makes sense to go ahead and purchase condos instead of buying a house. These structures are less work to maintain, they’re often more affordable and they come with added perks that you simply don’t get with a traditional house. That’s the benefit of deciding to purchase one of the condos for sale in Phoenix, AZ. Buying one of these units isn’t as simple as just going ahead and making the purchase though.

There are added considerations to be made, and you have to take care to buy a property that you’re going to like in the end. That’s why you really have to think about the decision that you’re making and work hard to ensure that it’s not the wrong one. Rely on the following tips to help you make a good condo purchase. Each one will help you avoid a potential problem and should push you toward a more successful future in the end.

housing markets like Phoenix, AZ

Don’t Rush the Process

Buying condos for sale in Tempe, AZ is an exciting prospect and there are a bunch of different properties available worth looking at, but that doesn’t mean that you should rush into purchasing anything. Instead of going for the first condos for sale in Tempe, AZ that you see, take the time to survey the many different properties and to slowly decide on the one that’s best for you and your family. By taking the time to look at the many different condos for sale in Tempe, AZ, you’ll be more likely to find something that fits you really well, and to end up with a better deal in general. That’s why we recommend looking at several options and considering them all first before making a final decision. That’s the only way you’ll have a good shot and choosing the right opportunity in the end.

Don’t Purchase Without Seeing the Unit

While searching for condos for sale in Mesa, AZ it can be tempting to push for a quick sale and to purchase a unit without actually seeing it for yourself. This is a huge mistake. I know, Mesa is a busy market and condos are going on and off the market all the time. You may not feel like you have the time to tour a unit, especially if you can’t get away for an open house or a showing, but that’s not true.

When it comes to purchasing one of the condos for sale in Mesa, AZ, it’s vital to make the time to go and see the unit before purchasing it. Photos aren’t enough, and neither is taking a look at a different unit that’s supposed to be similar. Instead, take a look at the exact unit that you’ll be buying. This will give you a chance to spot any potential flaws that the unit has. Not only that, but it will give you a chance to get a feel for its exact location, which will help you understand what you are getting into even more clearly.

Don’t Buy Into a Condo with Rules You Won’t Follow

There are countless condos for sale in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas. That’s why it’s so important not to buy into the very first condo that you look at. Instead of rushing into the process, take the time to really get to know the rules that the building imposes on its owners. Out of all the condos for sale in Phoenix, AZ, you need to make sure you get involved with a property that you won’t mind living in. That means getting to know the contract that comes with the place well, and not buying a property with rules you simply can’t live with.

There are rules and regulations with every condominium, and some rules simply aren’t a good match for the buyer planning on moving in. Before you sign a contract for one of the condos for sale in Phoenix, AZ, make sure you know that you can live with every single rule before you move in. If you take the time to read over all the paperwork you can avoid making a huge mistake and end up with a property that you like better as well.  

buying a property

Don’t Sign on for More Maintenance than You Can Handle

While it’s standard for many of the condos for sale in Phoenix, AZ to come with maintenance services, not all of them do. There’s a chance that you will be left taking care of some maintenance tasks that you weren’t expecting. While most facilities will take care of exterior maintenance, including things like lawn care, you might end up taking care of some parts of your property that you weren’t expecting.

Make sure you know what is included in your HOA fees, so you know what is left for you to take care of. If you buy a property with too many maintenance requirements, you’ll be left with problems that you aren’t sure how to take care of, and you might end up having to hire professionals which will cost you even more.

Don’t Shop Without Financial Approval

Getting a mortgage for a condo is different than obtaining one for a single family home. It’s important to realize that you’ll have to go through a different process before you can start shopping for those condos for sale in Tempe, AZ. Talk with officials at your bank and try to obtain a mortgage for the condo price that you are looking to purchase within. Make sure that you are pre-approved before you start shopping around for different properties to purchase. This is the only way that you’ll be able to ensure that you can obtain the property that you want in the end. All those condos for sale in Tempe, AZ come with different price tags, and a single-family mortgage won’t get you into any of them.

Don’t Purchase More Condo than You Can Afford

Mortgages today are very generous and it’s easy to get more money than you can really afford. Think long and hard about the amount of money that you want to spend on a mortgage payment every month, and make sure that when you go for condos for sale in Phoenix, AZ, you stay within the right budget for you and your family. It can be tempting to buy one of the best condos in the area, especially if you are approved for enough money to make the purchase, but that often isn’t the right way to go about it. Instead, save yourself some money.

Info graphic

(Click here for full Image)

Don’t Buy Without Knowing the Added Fees

All the different condos for sale in Mesa, AZ come with HOA fees that you need to be aware of before you purchase the property. Don’t go into a deal for one of the condos for sale in Mesa, AZ without first knowing each and every expense that you’ll have to deal with while living there. The worst thing you can do is to buy a condo without being able to afford the price, or without realizing just how much you’ll be spending on the property. Just because one property seems like it will be more affordable on the surface, doesn’t mean that it will actually be less money in the end when it comes time to make the purchase.

condos for sale in Mesa, AZ

Never Buy Without Finding Out Everything That’s Included

Usually, condos for sale in Mesa, AZ come with little extras. Some feature community swimming pools. Others include access to workout centers. There are some that even include things like heated parking spaces, garages, storage rooms and more. It’s important that you know what all is included with the purchase of any property. Don’t make the mistake of buying a condo without knowing what you are getting, otherwise, you could end up missing out on some great opportunities while buying a property that doesn’t offer much.



Don’t Buy a Condo that’s Maintained Poorly

When looking for condos for sale in Phoenix, AZ, make sure that you find out what company is responsible for maintaining the condos. This company will be the one enforcing the rules and handling all the cleanup and maintenance regularly. It’s important that the company has a good reputation and is known for doing an excellent job. By taking the time to become familiar with the different maintenance companies that are commonly used, you can easily pick and choose from the different condos for sale in Phoenix, AZ and end up with the ones that are going to be best for you.

Consider Your Future Carefully

Before going through a major change in your life like purchasing one of the condos for sale in Tempe, AZ, make sure that you consider what your future is going to be like if you can. Think about the different changes that you think will occur in your life, and also think about how long you intend to live in your chosen location. Condos usually don’t appreciate in value as fast as single-family homes. If you buy a condo for a short-term stay the rate of appreciation likely doesn’t matter much, but if you buy for the long term this is something you’ll have to think about when it comes time to sell the property off once again.

sell the property

Don’t Buy a Condo that Isn’t Insured

It probably feels like every single condo building should be covered by insurance, after all, that’s something that HOA fees should be going toward, but that’s not always the case. In some instances, where condo owners are regularly delinquent, the association running the condos ends up canceling or minimizing its insurance policy in order to save on costs. When looking at condos for sale in Mesa, AZ, always look at a copy of the budget, provided by the seller hopefully, so that you can see whether insurance is being paid for.

Do Not Invest in Condos with High Delinquency Rates

A condo with high delinquency rates is going to be much more difficult to move into if you don’t have the cash to make the full purchase. Not only that, but it will be more difficult to sell off later on as well. It’s important to look at whether or not owners are paying their dues on time. If there is more than a 15% delinquency rate, it’s not a good idea to move ahead with buying into the condo. You could end up being stuck with the property for a long time if you do, and you likely won’t be able to use a traditional mortgage to purchase it in the first place.

condo with high delinquency rates

Avoid Condos with Minimal Cash Reserves 

All condos are required to keep a set amount of cash reserves available in case that major projects need to be completed. This amount should come to around 10% of the annual revenue from the building, but often associations do not have enough reserves to meet these requirements. IF you buy into condos for sale in Tempe, AZ and they don’t have enough cash reserves on hand, you could be charged a special added fee near the end of the year to make up this difference. That’s an added expense that you don’t want to deal with, and it’s something that you shouldn’t have to deal with either.

It’s tempting to rush forward and pick out one of the condos for sale in Phoenix, AZ without doing all the necessary research, but that’s never the right course of action. Be smart, be careful and make sure that you are buying a property that you’ll be able to enjoy for decades after your purchase if that’s what you want to do. By looking closely into the association that’s running things, and all that’s included with the condo, you’ll be prepared to make the right decision in the end and to avoid properties that just aren’t a good fit for your needs. It’s not easy making these decisions, but it’s important to be able to, in order to avoid buying the wrong property.  

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Feb. 26, 2018

24 Things That Are [Surprisingly Negotiable] When Buying a House

Most people know that when they go to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ they have room to negotiate. They know to ask for a lower price on the house for repairs that need doing, or because another house has something better to offer than the current one. Few people realize just how much you can negotiate for when purchasing a home though. When you go to buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ and surrounding areas, there are countless things to negotiate for. We’re going to cover some of the most popular 24 negotiation items that you can cover when you make your home purchase. Use these bargaining points to help you get the best possible deal, and to make sure you end up with a property that you truly love as well.

buy homes in Phoenix AZ

Closing Time

There’s always room to negotiate about the closing time when you look to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ. This can be a key tool to get a seller to sell to you if you can close faster. Make sure you only offer a fast close if you can manage it, but it’s a tool that will help you buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ and surrounding areas more easily.

The Appliances

It’s important to talk about the appliances when you go to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ. They may or may not be included. Make sure you know what comes with the home. If you want something else, just ask for it and see what the seller will do. You can often get things like the washer and dryer included with the sale for a small change in price. Always ask about the different appliances, and make up a list of the items that you want so you know what to negotiate for.

Inspection Time Frame

Most sellers and their home to sell as fast as possible. They don’t want people who buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ to take forever to complete an inspection. Make sure you bring up a timeframe for inspections and that you have enough time to work with. If you try and rush the timeframe to satisfy a seller, you could end up getting a subpar inspection performed and a house that you don’t know well enough to purchase with confidence.

The Furniture

Most of the time furniture is not included in the sale of a home, that doesn’t have to be the case though. If you see furniture that you love while touring the home, ask for it to be included in the deal. You can often buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ furniture and all. You just have to be willing to ask for what you like. Who knows, some sellers might be happy to throw the items in.


It doesn’t matter that you want to look at used houses to buy in Chandler, AZ, you can still get a warranty with them. Consider asking the seller for a warranty on systems like the furnace, hot water heater, and appliances throughout the home at the time of purchase. This warranty would mean that if something happens to them, the seller would need to pay to replace them. It’s important to do this if you don’t have the cash to make repairs during the first year or two of living in your new home. This isn’t something that most sellers will offer, but with the right contract, you can make sure you are covered when you move in.

Closing Costs

Many first time buyers looking to buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ aren’t expecting closing costs when they go to finish up a deal. This can be surprising and scary at the same time. This is something you can negotiate as well, especially in busy markets like Scottsdale. Bring up the closing costs and see if the seller will pay for them.


Many houses to buy in Chandler, AZ would be highly desirable if they had some repairs performed on them. If you want a house, but don’t want to trouble yourself with repairs, try and work out a deal with the seller to take care of those things. They can handle repairs for you so that you can move into a space that’s ready to go.

A Leaseback Agreement

Some sellers aren’t ready to move out when you want to buy. When you go to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ a leaseback agreement can help you close deals faster and more easily. These agreements essentially give the owner permission to keep living in the space for an agreed upon amount of time after you close on the house. You’ll need a formal agreement for this to work out okay, but it can be a major bargaining chip for you to use.

Inspection Contingencies

Adding contingencies in when you go to buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ is a good way to protect yourself when rushing through a sale. They essentially say that you will guarantee to buy a house as long as it meets your list of requirements. For instance, you could make an offer with contingencies for a foundation and septic system inspection. From there you can have your inspections performed and if they fail you are not liable to go through with the deal any longer.

Repair Allowances

If there’s something about the home that you don’t like, and the current homeowner isn’t interested in making any repairs, you can still do something about it. Work out repair allowances in your home purchase negotiations. Try to factor in costs for new floors, counters, cabinets, appliances or whatever when deciding on a purchase price.

Setting Aside Cash for Repairs

If you don’t want to have to take out a home improvement loan, and you don’t have cash laying around for repairs, you can ask the homeowner to set aside money or to purchase supplies for repairs before you make a purchase. This gives you the supplies that you need to do the repairs yourself, and you don’t have to factor them into your home’s purchase price. This is a good way to go when shopping for houses to buy in Chandler, AZ when you don’t have a lot of added money to work with.

home improvement loan

Remodeling Project

You can even negotiate an entire remodeling project if there is some part of the home you really hate. Just make sure you work out all the details of the project because you will be required to make the purchase after it’s complete.

Finished Basement

When looking to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ, you may really want a finished basement. This is understandable. Maybe you need the space for the rest of your family to live comfortably. You can add in requirements for the basement to be finished before you will purchase and move into the home. There are plenty of houses to buy in Chandler, AZ, but you might want this condition met before you buy any of them.Points

It’s possible to lower the interest that you pay on loans when closing on houses to buy in Chandler, AZ. One point is equivalent to 1% of the loan value, and around every 8 points will drop the loan’s interest rate by 1%. You can negotiate with the seller to get them to pay points toward your loan to save you money off the final purchase.

Condo or Coop Assessments

If you’re looking to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ that are actually condos or coops, then you’ll be expected to cover costs for maintaining common areas of the space along with all the other owners in the area. When the seller moves out he or she will likely have leftover assessments that haven’t been covered. It’s important to negotiate these to make sure they are as small as possible when you move in so you don’t get stuck with a big bill you weren’t expecting.

Cost for Appliance Replacement

When looking to buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ that have older appliances, it’s important to negotiate the cost of replacement appliances when trying to complete the purchase. Either work that replacement into the total home value offer that you make or talk about appliance replacement specifically when making an offer to try to get the price dropped down some.

total home value

Replacing Appliances

If you don’t want to take money out of your home loan to replace appliances or pay cash for them, you can always have the owner pay to replace appliances ahead of time. When you buy homes in Phoenix, AZ it’s possible to request appliances get replaced, but then you won’t have a say in what ones are purchased if you go this route.

Paint and Wall Refinishing

If you’re not the hands-on type you could negotiate for the owner to fix up any holes in walls and to even repaint the walls to a different color before you complete the purchase of the space. This may seem like a tedious thing to ask for, but when you want to buy homes in Scottsdale, AZ it’s important to work out any negotiations that you can to save on costs.

Added Closing Costs

It’s possible to ask the seller to include additional closing costs on top of what’s needed for the home deal. If you have debts you want to take care of, or just want to make sure you have some pocket cash in case something needs repaired, ask for added closing costs during the deal.


While it might seem ludicrous, it’s possible to ask for things like boats and jet skis to be included with a property when buying something like a lakefront house. Look around at the items on the site and don’t be afraid to ask for some extras if you see something you really like.

Yard Equipment

If you want to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ with decent sized yards, you’ll want equipment to maintain those spaces. It’s possible to get the lawn equipment included with the sale of the home if you can work out the deal properly.

sale of the home

Removal of Possessions

Some homes come with junk that you don’t want. It’s important to find out what comes with the spaces when looking at houses to buy in Chandler, AZ. Find out about any property you do not want, and request that it be removed before you make the purchase.

Siding or Roof Replacement

If you notice leaks or the roof or siding appears to be in poor condition, try and work out a deal to lower the cost of the home or have the repairs performed before you complete the purchase.

Mold Testing

If you notice a mold smell, or you see signs of water damage, make sure that the deal requires mold testing to be completed before it can go through. This is vitally important to avoid buying a tainted home that will cost a fortune to fix up.

mold testing

Pest Inspection

If you notice signs of pests, especially something damaging like termites, make sure that you get an inspection included as a condition of a home purchase. It’s not worth it to buy homes in Phoenix, AZ that have termites and are falling down because you weren’t careful.

Hopefully, with all of these different items in mind, you can negotiate an excellent deal when you buy homes in Phoenix, AZ. It’s a lot of work to purchase a home, but when you know how to negotiate properly and you take the time to do so, you can save a whole lot of cash off the final purchase price. It might seem like you’re being nitpicky when you ask for things that are important to you during a house purchase, but it’s worth the added work and the seller labeling you as a difficult buyer. Just make sure that you act quickly and that you ask for only the things that are really important to you.



Doing so will help you get the most out of property deals, and before you know it you’ll be closing on homes for prices that you wouldn’t have expected. Don’t sell yourself short during negotiations, and don’t be afraid to ask for something crazy like the seller’s boat during the purchase. You never know, you just might get it!

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